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Introducing the BE&R BETTERtool™

At BE&R we have developed a proven process to help our clients improve operation efficiency, transition to cleaner energy sources and to invest in the development of low-carbon technologies.

The BE&R BETTERtool™ defined as the BE&R Engineering Tool for Targeted Emissions Reductions brings together a toolset combining our knowledge, expert resources, datasets and analytical tools into a simple and effective package to support our client’s climate and emission reduction goals.


Our Approach

What you have

Identify what you have: facilities, emission sources, resources

Where you’re going

Emission reduction targets, energy use, operating costs and scope boundaries

Target immediate results

Low effort, high impact, do-able solutions applying proven technology for at speed delivery of results

Action for the Future

Pathway to be the leader in industry best practice, solidly achieve emissions targets ahead of regulatory obligations


Our Philosophy

  • Fit-for-purpose approach and solutions
  • Do-able solutions & options
  • Avoid the Technology Bleeding edge
  • Speed of delivery
  • Focus on the top 10 – options, risks, sources – get bang for buck
  • Efficiency of work, and solutions.
  • Achieve targets
  • Improve reputation
  • ESG matched in step with financial security
Strategic Pathway

BE&R will timeline your actions to meet emission targets

BE&R believe it is imperative that we take immediate action to address the pressing issue of greenhouse gas emissions. The energy sector, as one of the largest contributors to global emissions, has a critical role to play in achieving the necessary reductions.

BE&R engage with energy producers and infrastructure owners to identify opportunities and formulate a strategy for immediate emissions reduction. This requires a collective effort, including collaboration between industry stakeholders, policymakers, and civil society.

It is time to transition to cleaner energy sources and invest in operational improvements and developing low-carbon technologies.

BE&R prioritise energy efficiency and conservation measures, empowering project stakeholders to access and implement policies and align with regulations for effective emissions reductions.

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BE&R is Carbon Neutral

Carbon Management Services

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