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Emission Reduction Assessment

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Emission Reduction Assessment

According to the United Nations, a 45% reduction in Global emissions will need to occur by 2030 to ensure 2050 net zero targets are achieved. The energy sector accounts for over 73% of global greenhouse emissions, providing enormous opportunity to abate global emissions.

BE&R possess the expertise and the potential through our emissions reduction assessment to identify sustainable and effective strategies for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

We work diligently with our clients to assess potential emission reduction strategies using a systematic approach. The systematic approach includes both quantitative and qualitative information to identify initiatives that reduce emissions while also aligning with strategic objectives. Our assessment consists of three key phases: Optioneering, Assessment, and Summarisation.

Optioneering: Opportunities to reduce emissions are identified by industry experts. The opportunities are preliminary screened against key criteria to develop a short list of options for further evaluation.

Assessment: The viability of the identified opportunities is scrutinised further, while high level emission and cost estimates are developed to determine value. A final screening is conducted from which we can recommend practical and meaningful solutions that align with client’s strategic objectives.

Summary: Our assessment is summarised and delivered to the client. BE&R’s emissions reduction assessment service has been applied to the energy industry, with excellent feedback.

While important for all businesses, our assessments provide the most value for:

  • Large-scale energy, mining, logistics, ports, and heavy industry operators looking to reduce their emissions footprint, and unsure of where to start or what senior management can support.
  • Traditional and renewable energy and resource developments seeking to minimise their emissions impact from day 1 of operation.

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