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Efficiency, Availability & Security

The key to effectively harnessing the immense potential of SSLNG is the ability to marry downstream energy demand with upstream supply.

Unlike most other consulting operations, we have a highly-developed network of suppliers and vendors that enables us to do just that.

We also possess the depth and breadth of technical expertise necessary to complete highly successful projects across a range of different industries.

BE&R completes review
of LNG bunkering possibilities in Port Hedland.

  • Project Name: Port Hedland LNG Bunkering Studies
  • Location: Port Hedland, Western Australia
  • Client: Independent Australian Oil and Gas Company

BE&R undertook a study to investigate small-scale LNG facilities required for marine bunkering. The LNG bunkering facility would service LNG powered iron ore carriers operating on the North West Australia to Asia route. The project reviewed the future LNG demand, bunkering infrastructure costs and economic viability for bunkering operations in Port Hedland. The study included evaluation of the range of bunker vessel options available. A comparison between LNG and traditional fuels used in ship bunkering were undertaken to highlight the advantages of LNG as a marine fuel.

BE&R helping
clients in transition to cleaner fuels to reduce their carbon footprint

  • Project Name: Remote Mine site future fuel study
  • Location: Australia – Pacific
  • Client: Confidential

BE&R has worked with a Tier 1 mining company looking to reduce their power generation emissions by using LNG as a fuel. BE&R worked as owners engineer to help the client better understand suitable LNG supply options for their remote island mine site. BE&R evaluated the feasible options available to the client for sourcing, receiving and regasifying LNG at the mine site. BE&R engaged with LNG suppliers and infrastructure providers to develop the most appropriate solutions.

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Transportation of LNG
using isotainers for fueling trucks

  • Project Name: SSLNG Onshore Distribution
  • Location: Queensland
  • Client: Confidential

BE&R completed a Small-scale LNG study for an energy provider in Australia looking to transport LNG to a large trucking company based in Queensland. BE&R’s scope included evaluating the preliminary site storage system and size, various supply chain options, available truck refuelling systems, times required to transfer LNG, high level CAPEX and OPEX and opportunities to scale up the facilities. Additionally, BE&R assessed the LNG loading terminal compatibility for SSLNG. including Isotainer loading system layout, transportation logistics assessment and Isotainer vs trailer-based storage.

BE&R key partner in Joint Industry Project for East coast bunkering opportunities

  • Project Name: East Coast LNG Bunkering
  • Location: East Coast of Australia
  • Client: Joint Industry Project lead by DNVGL

BE&R took part in a joint industry project lead by DNVGL. The project assessed the business case for LNG as a marine fuel for the shipping industry operating on the east coast of Australia, inclusive of local, coastal, import/export and transit maritime traffic.  The study focused on the initial growth period for LNG bunkering up to 2030. BE&R developed four scale-able vessel concepts to match DNVGL’s LNG Bunkering market growth trends.

BE&R is continuing to contribute to Phase 2 of the JIP through development of high-level LNG loading facility and bunker vessel conceptual designs for the three selected locations on the East coast; Melbourne; Newcastle and Gladstone ports. Delivering functional specification datasheets, site layouts, Capex and Opex, project schedules, risk assessments and Co-authoring the upcoming JIP report.


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