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BE&R Opportunity Development Framework

Over the past 12 months, BE&R has solidified its position as a leading consultancy firm specializing in developing newfound opportunities. BE&R have deep technical expertise combined with a proven track record of problem-solving for top-tier organisations, providing a unique ability to support opportunity generation processes.  

BE&R undertakes a five-step opportunity development process to add value at critical project stage gates. The five-step process is outlined below. 

  1. Identify – Ideation and identification of opportunities that warrant further assessment. 
  1. LITMUS Test – Test ideas and options for red flags. 
  1. Pre-Feasibility – Assess and refine options that progress beyond the litmus test. 
  1. Feasibility – Concept level of development where options further defined and selected.  
  1. Nurture – Design level development on selected opportunity. 

BE&R Framework Benefits

BE&R’s opportunity development framework offers a range of valuable benefits. Firstly, it effectively eliminates poor options early on by swiftly identifying showstoppers, increasing the efficiency of the process.

The framework facilitates early and ongoing engagement with stakeholders to ensure clarity among all parties and within the team. This includes outlining key drivers from important stakeholders and facilitating a workshop to ensure all ideas are raised and heard, ensuring that all valuable opportunities applicable to the project are captured and assessed.

The framework prevents unresponsiveness and wasted effort through a simple and organized process.

The outputs generated are actionable, and opportunities are ranked based on their value and feasibility, enabling the identification of those with the best return on effort.

BE&R as Owners Engineers

BE&R has successfully implemented the opportunity development framework with prominent oil and gas companies for a wide range of FSO projects, encompassing both conventional and CO2 conversions.

This strategic approach has presented us with an opportunity to assume the role of Owners Engineers as the opportunities mature through the Pre-FEED, FEED, and execution phases. By engaging early on and actively participating in the Pre-FEED and FEED stages, we can contribute our extensive expertise and guidance, ensuring the smooth progress and successful realization of opportunities in each FSO project.

BE&R Ventures

Our mother company, BE&R Ventures, demonstrates a prime example of our exceptional ability to cultivate and actualize ideas. We possess a remarkable knack for identifying promising business opportunities and fostering them through their early development stages. Using a similar framework to the one outlined above and our years of experience in the industry, we transform nascent energy projects into viable investment prospects. Our proficiency is embodied in two of our successful ventures Carbon Recycle and Oceania Marine Energy, highlighting our ability to cultivate opportunities into reality.

Visit BE&R Ventures positive prospects:

Oceania Marine Energy is focused on the decarbonisation of the marine industry. Committed to delivering 1.0 million tonnes of low-carbon marine fuel by 2030 out of the Pilbara, Australia. Driving an impactful reduction in ship emissions enabling the marine industry to reach net zero by 2050.

Carbon Recycle is Energising Western Australia’s clean fuels industry with breakthrough closed loop induction pyrolysis technology. Recycling discarded plastic and tyres to produce low emission diesel fuel.