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BE&R Ammonia CO2 Carrier

Cutting Edge CO2 / NH3 Carrier Design Launched

BE&R launch updated CO2 / NH3 Carrier design in collaboration with FINA Marine and SeaTech Solutions

As industry leaders at the forefront of the energy transition at BE&R, we are continuously developing technology to build a low carbon energy world. Alongside FINA Marine in collaboration with SeaTech solutions, we have updated our conceptual CO2 / NH3 Carrier design to provide carbon and ammonia transportation capabilities. The upgrade expands the potential opportunities for the carrier as it enables the carrier to be utilized in fully on a round trip journey, transporting CO2 one way and ammonia the other. This new technology addresses the need for large scale transport of CO2 from the world’s largest emitters to Australia and the need to connect Australia’s ammonia supply to the global market.

The preliminary design documentation for a 40,000m3 Carrier has been completed with:

  • 6 x 7,000m3 Type C tanks capable of storing either liquid NH3 or CO2
  • LNG-power, which reduces both cost and CO2 emissions by 23%-30% when compared to traditional marine fuels
  • The ability to trade at a lower speed of 14 knots for maximum efficiency
  • Liquid CO2 stored at low pressure
  • Dual cargo systems (NH3 and CO2) for faster turnaround

Far-reaching technological and industry impacts

As we continue to develop sustainable technologies, we will concurrently update the Carrier design. In the near future, we will be focusing on targeting low Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) requirements to create sustainably powered fleets and vessels. Larger 80,000m3 and 120,000m3 versions powered by Ammonia are currently under development, eliminating CO2 emissions entirely. BE&R’s carriers are designed to achieve a CII rating of Major Superior.

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It’s becoming increasingly clear that the global economy needs to transition to a low-carbon energy future. At BE&R, our focus is to identify opportunities to facilitate this change and set the industry standard. As a pioneering technology, the CO2 /NH3 Carrier design will inspire a new wave of technology innovation in carbon transportation, firmly putting us on the track to a net-zero world. 

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