Lenders Technical Advisory

BE&R resources have extensive worldwide experience in providing technical lender’s advice for FPSO, FSRU, MOPU and SSLNG projects.
Our key resources have undertaken numerous technical and commercial consulting roles to advise investors, banks, lawyers and other stakeholders. As a result, BE&R is well versed in the range of technical solutions and commercial frameworks available in the market, as well as the strengths, weaknesses and risks associated with the available technologies, contracting strategies and suppliers/ contractors.


• Technical review of project, facility specifications, costs estimates, budgets and execution plans
• Review of project compliance with Loan Agreement Conditions Precedent
• Project due diligence assessment by document reviews, site surveys, meetings and clarification rounds with borrower
• Assessment of project recovery plans and financial restructuring where required.
• Monthly reporting on technical, economic and associated issues with the project.
• Final project due diligence assessment and delivery report including advice on facility delivery acceptance.
• Provision of detailed technical reports prior to funding drawdown milestones

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